It does seem to me that as we grow older the yin and yang of life comes more sharply into focus. Looking back from the age of 75 it would appear that our lives are made up of undulating slopes consisting of moving upwards to moments of pure joy and then plunging downwards into times of great sadness and heartache.
At the time it is difficult to keep these polarized moments in perspective. It is only as we grow older that we understand that our lives have to endure these fluctuating emotions as part of the whole scheme of things. Something that even at my great age isn’t always that easy.

Take this last week. For the inhabitants of this planet it has been one of horror as yet again we have been faced with the appalling scenes of the Brussels atrocity. It is difficult to see anything beyond the depravity of these monsters who carry out these deeds. Has mankind sunk to a new low of the atrocities it can inflict on its fellow human, not to mention the destruction of beautiful objects and artefacts? But as always in these terrible moments there are acts of individual bravery plus a uniting of spirit showing a determination to stand up to these moronic bullies. Can some good come out of this? Will atrocities in London, Paris and Brussels force the world to wake up and unite against the horrors? The optimist in me says that it will take time – but maybe the forces of good will finally triumph over the evil that is Isis.
On a more positive general note the dire state of the American Presidential race – and the lows that Trump and Cruz have sunk to in the last week – have made me very thankful we have a non-elected head of state. The Queen is coming up to the age of 90 having had a quite remarkable reign – and thank God for her. Please let’s keep the monarchy. I am happy to elect our politicians – but the thought of having to elect a president fills me with doom and gloom. Who would we get? I cannot think of a suitable candidate and the ones that do come to mind leave me aghast. So please – can we keep our Royal head of state? It is a safeguard against a disastrous decision.
I think I will come back to this topic at a later date.

On a more personal note this week has definitely been one of yin and yang for me.
It started off with a long and acrimonious meeting which left me feeling unsettled and upset. This was quickly followed by the excitement of the acquisition of a new car which is an automatic and has immediately made a happy difference to my life.
Then I was plunged again into gloom with the news that I have two compressed fractures in my back. Then back to the joy of a lovely lunch with friends sitting outside in the sun for the first time this year. Although after the warm spring sunshine of yesterday, I gather we are going to be faced with the arrival of Storm Katy for the holiday weekend! Finally I received the great news that my 15 year old grandson had been signed up for Bristol City Football Academy. It is quite a surprise to have a footballer in the family and I am delighted.

So the yin and yang of the week balanced out. Now on to the next.
Happy Easter to all.