Second blog

Hello again  – and thank you to those who have been in touch.  I’m delighted and somewhat surprised to have been contacted!

At the moment I am in the process of publishing an anthology of poems – or verses as I prefer to call them – as it sounds less grand.  The title of this anthology is BETWEEN SANITY AND MADNESS and the selection is taken from 4 slim volumes of verses that I wrote over a period of six years.  They deal specifically with the break up of a relationship, working through the nightmare and finally moving on.   This is not an unusual or even unique situation and the heightened emotions expressed in these verses will be familiar to many.  At the time I found them extremely therapeutic to write, even managing to find some humour amidst the anger.  It certainly aided my recovery by working all the ‘madness’ out of my system.

I often wonder if Lord Byron felt the same way.  He certainly gave vent to his innermost feelings and frustrations, especially in his epic poems.   None of his enemies, or the Establishment at the time, escaped his lashing tongue and verbal whipping.  I hope he felt a great deal better for it.   Putting feelings down on paper can be a very healing process and perhaps should be adopted by the NHS.

It has been exciting to work with a new designer, Gracie Carver at Green Door Design for Publishing – preparing this book for publishing.   The whole process of self publishing is a new experience for me and I am finding it fascinating.  I like the way it is possible to have complete control over a project and yet be given help and guidance from people who are experts in their field.

More information will be given in the next blog.