There have been so many negatives lately and the politicians and the press, not to mention actual news, continue to drive up my blood pressure, so after my rant in the last blog, I thought I would give myself a break and write about the positives for a change.

I had a great friend – who sadly is no longer with us – who left a message on his phone which said “Just the good news please after the tone.” This always made me laugh, but really looking back on it, how terribly sensible he was. There is so much doom and gloom about, it leaves you with a longing for what is generally known as ‘the feelgood factor’.
So here are a few of my recent ‘feelgood factors’.

Firstly I have had some lovely reactions to these blogs. I have been writing them not entirely sure that anyone was actually reading my jottings, so I am really gratified that they are indeed being read. Two of the biggest surprises have been from my 15 year old grandson and my 15 year old great nephew both of whom informed me that they not only read my blogs but actually enjoyed them! I was also delighted to hear that a great friend from my school days is also following them in Pennsylvania US. It is comforting to note that these blogs are not just floating away into the ether but are being enjoyed by at least some – and of all ages!

The second positive is that now I have my ankle more or less working, I have been able to go out and catch up with friends and family over a series of lunches. I had four lunches out last week and they were all delightful, particularly the last one with an 18 year old grand-daughter who has just got into Art College/University (apparently the competition is huge for this particular college and she won against all the odds and got in) She was very modest about it but it wasn’t just this achievement that impressed me, it was her whole attitude to her life and her future plans which was so refreshing and quite renewed my faith in the next generation.

My final positive for this blog is work related. My very clever designer Grace Carver at Green Door Designs has come up with a brilliant cover for the last of the books in my Three Lives Trilogy, FULL CIRCLE.
She had already designed Book 2, TRIANGLES IN SQUARES and now has also re-designed the cover for the first book, PARALLEL LINES, so they have a universal theme. The publishing date for the last book is imminent and I will of course be making it known when the book is available on Amazon.

For now the sun is out and I am expecting another friend for lunch – so if I manage to ignore the news for another day or two, I should be ready to face all the negatives that will inevitably arrive by the weekend.