I was going to tackle quite a different subject for my September blog, and then the death of the Queen changed my mind. In looking back over her life, with all the duty and dedication she showed, it made me think how near it was to perfection. Near, but not quite there, for however much we strive for perfection, it is not humanly possible, because all of us are flawed in various degrees. Religious leaders of whatever creed would say that only their God is perfect, and we must all strive to be like that God. Thus, we have the Saints who have come near to it – but again, not quite.
After this, I began to consider perfection in other ways – the ‘arts’ for example. What is a perfect piece of music, painting or building? What is a perfect performance on the stage? And here we hit upon a problem, because what is perfect to some, may not be so to others. And then, what did the artist think of their work? Did Bach, or Beethoven, or any of the great composers feel they had reached perfection? I doubt it. Did Michaelangelo feel he had reached perfection on finishing the Sistine Chapel? Again I doubt it, because the true genius also has humility and recognises that perfection is impossible to reach, even if the aim is always there. I know, in a very small way, I can be pleased when re-reading certain passages I have written in a novel, but they are a long way off perfect. Perfection in writing is an impossibility. Some of the great authors have come very close, but there is always something to stop it from being absolutely perfect. Perhaps the one thing I can honestly say reaches perfection, is in nature – a view or a newly blossomed rose. Some would argue this is because it is God’s creation and not mans. So, we get back to the notion that it is humans that are flawed.
I would also say that this Tory government is as far from perfection as any political establishment can get!

Talking of writing, (but not of perfection) – my latest novel, QUO VADIS E G RAWLINGS? is about to be published. October 13th is publishing day and that is only a couple of weeks away. It is the last book of a trilogy and for the moment it is the end of my fiction writing. I have written 7 books in 7 years (they can be viewed on Amazon/Jane McCulloch books) and I am going to take a break. Instead,I am being urged to write my Memoir – but that is quite a different project and one that I will have to think about!
Meanwhile, the weather has not only turned Autumnal but almost wintry. It is a sudden shock after all those hot summer days, to feel such cold. It is back to the post war days of no heating, just piling on extra layers of clothes. I’m hoping for an Indian summer in October.