I am about to take my first holiday in two years, which is really very exciting. It is only for a week, but as I am leaving the country and going to Croatia, it seemed to me to be a very good time to tie up a few loose ends before leaving.
The first major loose end was to get the final book of my trilogy published, first in paper back and then on kindle. This was finally done two days ago, so FULL CIRCLEFC - FULL is now on Amazon and ready to order!
It also seemed a good time to sort out the stuff I had downsized and placed in storage. I was especially keen to get the last of my books unpacked. In order to do this I had to have extra book shelves put up – and the last of these shelves went up last week. It has all been most satisfactory because not only are the boxes finally unpacked but the shelves and the books look great in the room, added to which I have taken the opportunity to give the books some sort of order, – biographies, poetry, novels, reference books, etc. The books that I just couldn’t fit on the shelves have gone to OXFAM,
The last of this tidying up phase was to take various pictures into Chiswick Auctions – and these sold yesterday.
All very pleasing.

However, I quickly found that the loose ends of relationships aren’t nearly so easy to organise and tie up. Some problems just linger on and there is no easy way of tidying them away. ‘Things’ can be organised. ‘Emotions’ cannot. It is why a lot of our lives are untidy and ultimately unsatisfactory. It’s not easy when a relationship goes awry to put it right by placing it in a tidy package and thinking you have solved the problem. Most of the emotional problems come with years of baggage behind them. Each time you think one area is resolved, another rears its head. Resentments can go back years, lie buried and then suddenly fester. I wish it weren’t so, but it is and the only sensible way of dealing with it is to refrain from thinking you can tie it up like any other loose end – but leave it to sort itself, one way or another, with as much patience as you can muster.
This may sound like copping out – but I have found from experience that to push things towards a resolution can only make matters worse.

Political loose ends are sadly out of our hands. The juggernaut of Trump and Clinton rolls on and will not find any resolution until the presidential election – and even then there will be a great deal of fall-out.
This will be the case in the EU referendum as well. The whole ghastly process is going to affect our lives for a very long time and we are powerless to stop the mishandling of it by the press, politicians and the media.

So – for one week I am going to lie by a hotel pool in Croatia and forget all about ‘problems’, personal or otherwise.