INNOCENCE is a charming quality and one that is sadly in rather short supply these days.  With the influence of television and the social media, childhood innocence is lost all too quickly.

When I was young, or youngish, it was something of a put-down to be told you were innocent and you came to rather dread being told “you are such an innocent”.  However I was an innocent and something of that quality, I am happy to say, has never left me.  I now greatly miss that certain naive quality so often present in the young of the past – but alas no longer.  The young are so sophisticated these days it makes one feel almost quaint.

Is this a good thing, this lost innocence?  Doe it make us more prepared for the materialistic assault of the modern world?  There is obviously still a yearning for that quality.  Just look at the success of Jane Austin.

I was reminded of this subject lately as I have been putting together a slim volume containing an email correspondence with my grand-daughter.  Issy and her elder sister, were by far the shyest and least talkative of my other rather boisterous grandchildren.  (I have 10)  Quite out of the blue I struck up an email conversation with Issy when she was just 8 years old.  (It is rather typical that today this communication has to be done electronically and not via the pen, something I regret but have to accept!)  Anyway, I sent Issy an email to ask if she would like to see a new Disney film about a dog? Her reply was immediate.  “do’s it have a hamster because if it do’s it might be bolt.  I rill want to see it!”  And that was the start of an amazing correspondence with this child, who in her emails wasn’t shy at all, but fluent, chatty and extremely funny.  I told her I would make all the arrangements for the film and she replied, “that is a very god idea.  I am rally existed to see bolt.”

I recently came across all these emails, which went on for about a year and immediately thought they would make a charming little book, full of the innocence on an 8 year old child.  I put them together and then sent them to Issy, now 14, to ask her if she minded.  She wrote back, not only saying she didn’t, but offered to do the illustrations as well.  She happens to be an extremely talented artist.  The obvious title had to be “Do’s it have a Hamster? and I am attaching one of her illustrations.


I am hoping to get this very slim volume out in time for Christmas and it will go onto my website and be for sale on Amazon.  It is my small tribute to the fact that innocence can still be found if you look for it.