My new book, THE BRINI BOY, has at last been published and is available from Amazon. (UK and the States) It is a novel based on the true story of the trial of Sacco and Vanzetti, which took place in Boston Massachusetts, in 1920.  When questioned about this book, it made me quickly realise that it was not so much about the notorious trial, as it was about the story of a great friendship –  and this made me examine the whole subject of ‘friendship’  a little further.  In the novel the ‘brini boy’ risks everything,  his musical career and his first love, in order to save his dearest friend from going to the electric chair.  This seems to be the very essence of  a great friendship, that once established, no sacrifice is too great.

By friends I do not mean acquaintances.  As we go through life we have many of the latter, they come into our lives and then they quickly disappear.  Friends, once made, stay in our lives forever, no matter the long gaps and absences in between.  A true friendship can be picked up at any time.  And we probably only have a few real friends in our lives.  Some people will find that friendship within their marriage or with their partner.  In fact the best relationships are those that have friendship at the heart of them.  In later life it the essence of friendship that survives, once the heat and passion starts to fade!

I am lucky enough to have had several great friends in my life.  They have come to my aid in the trickiest, or saddest moments and also at the happiest.  We have  discussed all topics with freedom, laughed together and listened to each other’s experiences.  I believe it is the most rewarding thing life has to offer.

This week, after a gap of over a year, I heard from one of my great friends who has gone to live in the States.  I miss her of course, but immediately through correspondence, found we were on the same wavelength once more.  Also this week I had supper with an old school friend who was visiting from the States.  Although it is well over 50 years since we were at school together it was an immediate meeting of minds and humour, as if we had never been apart.

Such things bring great joy in these worrying, dark times when we seem to be living an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ existence with politicians on both sides of the Atlantic making little sense and events taking on an alarming absurdity all their own.  It is at these moments I am thankful to have friends  – and grateful that my children are my greatest friends of all.

To those of you who read THE BRINI BOY, do please let me have your comments.