I was going to write something quite different in my blog this week – and then yesterday this coincidence occurred and I changed my mind.

There is a new television series on the BBC this week about the Bloomsbury Group and is called “Life in Squares”.  I was reading the blurb about it and there was this Dorothy Parker quote.  Apparently she wrote about the Bloomsbury Group, “They lived in squares, painted in circles and loved in triangles.”  This came off the page and hit me  like a laser beam.    As some of you may know –  because I announced it when Book One of my Trilogy, “Parallel Lines” was published in January – the second book has the title, “Triangles in Squares”.    I had never heard the Dorothy Parker quote before yesterday, so it seemed a great coincidence that she so aptly summed up my title just at the time my book is being proofed ready for publishing.

I started writing this Trilogy years ago and chose the three titles to give a geometric link to the books, as well as being appropriate to the story.   My Three Lives Trilogy is a study into the close-knit relationships of three people and their immediate circle.   Book 2 takes place in a London Square and the inevitable sexual permutations that occur in small communities.  Dorothy Parker obviously recognised this in the Bloomsbury Group.  How wonderful to have this endorsement from one of my favourite writers!

Strangely the final book is called “Full Circle” – but is nothing to do with painting!