As we near the end of August, I always feel we are moving into a time of change, of transition.  I hardly dare mention the weather as since my last blog on that subject it hasn’t stopped raining! However, torrential rain apart, we are certainly entering the Autumn season of  Keats’ ‘mists and mellow fruitfulness”.   There is a definite chill in the air and the  leaves will soon start to change their colour.  For many children it will mean a change of school, or even their first experience of school.  For older children it is the adventure of University.   Parliament will re-assemble after the summer break and generally everyone returns to work.    Holiday equipment is packed up for another year and there is a definite feeling of transition in the air.  Yes.  Bob Dylan was right.  “Times they are a-changing.”

For me personally it is certainly a time of transition, probably the last major change I will make in my life.  I have given up being a theatre and opera director and become a full time writer.  I am also giving up my houseboat.  This move I had anticipated and earlier in the year my London flat was enlarged to make space for all the books and possessions I can’t do without.  Downsizing is hard to do!   But it is a change in lifestyle.  No longer will I have a routine of going down to the river every weekend.  Now I will plan all those other things I have been missing over the years – visits to friends both here and abroad and, with my daughter and grand-daughter, a cruise down the Nile which is being planned for next year.  Here at home there are so many things to do in London at weekends, which again I have been neglecting.  I look forward to catching up.

That all sounds very parochial and of course, taking in the larger picture, our world is certainly changing.  Over the last few months we have watched a migration of thousands of people to the West and this means that huge changes will ensue and this will have an impact on us all.  Further impact will be felt from China’s economy which is changing and then of course there is the tortured subject of global warning – but that brings me back to the weather and you have all had quite enough of that!

Have a happy Autumn – or Fall – and embrace all the changes  – because there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop them.