Catching up…

Some of you may have noticed that I have not written a blog for two months. My apologies for this. The December blog was made impossible by a technical problem with the website which I found impossible to sort out. In fact, it is only in the last week a rescue was made. So my grumbles about the Christmas Season and the problem with New Year Resolutions, will just have to wait for another year.

So what have I been doing? Well, the main excitement for me is that I have started in on my fifth – and very probably my last – novel. I had forgotten the disciplines of writing and am finding it hard going. I try to set myself a definite time to work and this is more or less what I have managed so far. I start in at 9 am and work until 12.30. Then I have a definite break. The break is important, firstly, because by then my back is seizing up, secondly, inspiration is probably running out, and thirdly, it allows me to fit in all the diversions I have been resisting during the morning. While I am writing this novel, I have had to give up my book reviews, something I did reluctantly because I greatly enjoyed this task over the past year. The problem now is that my head is so full of my own plot and characters, there is no room for anyone else’s!

So what else? I had a birthday last week, not a very interesting one but made a delight by what seemed liked endless celebrations with family and friends. Inevitably it made a dent in my writing routine but now things have more or less reverted to normal.

I am trying hard to ignore the madness that has seized our politicians on both sides of the Atlantic. This is becoming increasingly difficult to do, as we rush towards the cliff on Brexit and the actions of Trump make one bewildered that he is still in office. Happily the weather has been spring-like over the last few days and the sun and blue skies have provided happy hours in Kew Gardens and the Chelsea Physic Garden.

Kew Gardens February 14th

I have also managed to finish yet another tapestry which will now be sent off to be made into a cushion.

So it’s onwards and upwards as we move merrily into the crunch month of March. I hope by the time I write my next blog the politicians will have come to their senses and a great British compromise will have been reached!