Quo Vadis E G Rawlings?

This is the final book in the superb E.G. Rawlings trilogy. All the characters from the last two books are back, with a couple of new faces adding to the rich tapestry of Jane McCulloch’s outstanding storytelling.

Still suffering from the injuries he sustained in Afghanistan, E.G. Rawlings, the veteran war correspondent, is balancing writing his new book with the very different demands of two strong women, and those of his delightful grandson, Felix. As if things weren’t already complicated enough, Rawlings’ life is again turned upside down when Covid hits the UK. Will the difficult but charming Rawlings manage to navigate yet more turning points in his life? Will he see what’s staring him in the face or will he once again make the wrong decisions when it comes to his complicated love life?

Whether you are a committed Rawlings fan or new to this irascible but lovable character, you will not be disappointed. A truly engrossing read. This story stands on its own – but if you have enjoyed it, you will want to read the first two books of the Rawlings Trilogy.

Title: Quo Vadis E.G. Rawlings?
Author: Jane McCulloch
Pages: 320
Published: 2022
ISBN: 978-1-9162383-9-8
Language: English
Formats: Paperback & Kindle

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