Although 2015 was a productive writing year for me with four publications – PARALLEL LINES, TRIANGLES IN SQUARES, BETWEEN SANITY AND MADNESS and just before Christmas, Do's it have a Hamster? and all of them available on Amazon – the rest of the year was not so good, with a lot of problems and frustrations. I had a run-in with a very nasty landlord and had to remove my houseboat from his mooring  (I think I have already dealt with bullies before, but will write about this whole houseboat and mooring episode in a separate blog.) I also had a lot of pain from a damaged ankle which hampered me considerably. Finally in November the operation to fuse the ankle bones was performed. I spent 10 weeks in plaster and now have a large and heavy boot which I have to wear for 6 weeks. After that I should be mobile again and best of all, without pain. It has taken a long time but I am sure it will have been worth it.

One thing I did learn in 2015 was how to be patient!

So I am starting off 2016 with a feeling of optimism. I have two major writing projects to get on with and hope when the ankle is fully mended I will be able to organise some opera concerts for the Autumn.

However – every new year starts off with January and I always think it is an extremely difficult month to get through. After all the build up to the festive season and all the expense of Christmas, not to mention the over-indulgence involved, once the New Year celebrations are over there is a general feeling of anti-climax and depression.  January brings you back to reality with a vengeance. Bills have to be paid, health has to be restored and on top of all this the weather tends to turn dismal. We’ve had such a mild December a sudden decline in our weather is only to be expected. We’ve already had floods, now we are waiting for the freeze to happen.

So I always call the feelings we have about January as Januaryitis. Once we get through this month we should meet February in a better frame of mind. By that time 2016 should be full steam ahead.

As for new year resolutions – I gave those up long ago.  I just try and remember all the previous ones I once made and try yet again to carry them out!