Making Economies…

As everyone now realises, the present situation in this country is truly dire. The government, under the leadership of Boris Johnson, has made a mess of things and every department is failing. The result of Brexit and all its consequences is adding to the rising cost crisis. For many in the UK now, abject poverty is real and it is frightening. In many cases choices are having to be made between having a meal and keeping warm. The famous case of the poor pensioner Elsie riding round in a bus all day in a desperate attempt to keep warm, has horrified us all – but she is not alone. It is truly shocking this should be happening in one of the richest countries in the world. The government must take a great deal of the blame for their mismanagement of the economy and their dreadful wastage. Billions were lost through Covid scams, Minister corruption deals and failed purchases of medical equipment. Inflation is going up, fuel prices are souring, taxes are increasing, but the Chancellor seems determined not to help the poorest in society. Ministers will be quick to blame Covid and the war in Ukraine, but their mismanagement has been scandalous. If they want money to spend on a foreign office town house in the US, or military equipment for Ukraine, or a new yacht to replace the Royal yacht, they can find it. But all pleas to help the poorest in our society fall on deaf ears.

What is their answer? Daily advice is pouring in from all sides. Every Minister is wheeled out to make their views clear on what is their answer to problems with the poor. They should learn how to cook, take on a second job, work more hours, manage their budgets better, etc. etc. This really does not help but merely infuriates and adds to the frustration.
For those of us who have been hit by rising prices and fuel costs but are not yet on the poverty line, it is interesting to ask ourselves what economies we would make.

One of my mother’s favourite phrases was ‘we must tighten our belts’.

I have been trying to do this and make fresh small economies, but as I no longer have an extravagant lifestyle this is quite hard. I am definitely reviewing my food order, taking less journeys, and reducing fuel costs. But then I am not drastic case.

For so many the belts have already been tightened as far as they can go and they still find themselves in great difficulty with impossible choices to make. The government needs to act and act NOW. Something which at the moment they seem sadly incapable of doing.

We’ve had some lovely Spring days and one or two really hot. But the weather is changeable, one day hot, the next cold. In spite of this, the parks and gardens are looking wonderful. May is definitely my favourite month and a day in the garden works wonders for those feeling depressed about the present crisis!